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Welcome to Divino France, the most distinguished way of holidaying in France.

We are delighted to offer you a hand-picked selection of luxury villas, charming hotels,  and apartments in the most stylish destinations in France that will not only make you feel at home but will exceed your expectations of a perfect holiday.

We have properties through-out France and have size, style and comfort for all. Our luxury brand of Villas will add a touch of sparkle to your holiday.

France has long been established as a luxurious destination and popular with all. The variety of holiday types this country offers is amazing. The choice to bask in the sun along the southern coast or enjoy the sparkling snow of ski slopes.

Or perhaps wondering through the vineyards and delighting in the sensational scent, what your desire from France it will be fulfilled by Divino France´s amazing property portfolio.

If you are looking to spend a few relaxing days far from the bustling city life then we highly recommend you book a luxury retreat in a charming French village on the coast, in the mountains, or in a rural villa

If you are a fan of French gastronomy and culture, the choice of having a luxury private villa for intimate parties and a countryside retreat or an apartment within easy reach of wonderful restuarants where the effort is taken out of cooking for you. 

To enjoy nature, the sun, and the striking French Riviera, go to our "Provence-French Riviera" section. You will be blown away by luxurious villas with sea views, country houses surrounded by lavender fields in Provence and city apartments in those places where the international jet setters flock to: Cannes, Nice, and Saint-Tropez.

Our properties in Corsica will transform your regular holidays on the beach into a real paradise. The island is a jewel in the French crown and we have properties in the North and South of the Island with pools and beach views, Corsica is an idyllic holiday destination.

 For the history lover Normandy is a must, with  the renowned Mount Saint Michel UNESCO site and the beautifully wild Langueredoc Roussillon Nature Park. Normandy can transport you back to 1066 or the WWII and offer you its own unique perspective and wonder. 

Britanny offers the nature lover an array of experiences with splendid scenery of rocky cliffs, staggered coastlines, the area is outstanding! Becareful of the quicksand, once scattered around this terrain, the locals now hope it has vanished!

For those looking to explore France's wine culture, Divino France has something for you as well: an exclusive selection of villas and charming hotels in wine producing estates can be found in the "vineyard" section.

If skiing, hiking, and mountains are your passion, we also have a Chalets in the Alps and Pyrenees which will exceed your desires. 

In the wonderful region of Poiati Charentes guests are invited to taste the local tipple Cognac and take in the sights of the local Roman ruins.

Nearer the coast , guest can also chose to stay in the coastal town of Pays de la Loire and enjoy the sumptious seafood selection, the homegrown blueberries, and even indulge in a light pate , a local speciality.

The vast region of Midi-Pyrenees is a wonder of France. Comprising of the great urban central area of Toulouse, with many restuarants, musuems and sights to behold.

However the region is a rural area of outstanding beauty. Vineyards are in abundance and a delight in the summer. The region is also a favourite for many winter Skiiers.

Nestled to the Southwest is the Celtic influenced Aquitaine, this region is ideal for the water lover with ancient waterways that invite canal boat trips, to great shorelines perfect for surfing, diving and sailing. Further activities are here to be enjoyed , with a choice of 45 golf courses to choice from and charming scenery which is best seen from the seat of a cycle.

 The lesser- known region of Languedoo Roussilon is a delight for all. Whether you want to visit for the splendidly sandy beaches which thanks to the regions location are idyllically flat and spacious.

The region is divided in to two with the imposing presence of the Pyrenees, offering wonderful chances for daytrips into Spain. The area is also a delight for the interesting linguistic landscape that is has, the presence of the patois Langue d`or and Catalan.

 Finally, under the heading “Charming places” are impressive castles and magical properties in various exclusive areas. 

So, as you can see France has plenty to offer from cycling and mountaineering opportunties , sunbathing, cultural sights and culinary delights to historical insights.

We hope this introduction has been helpful and you are invited to further explore the region of your chioce by simply clicking on the corresponding photo opposite. You can be sure of the quality and standard of our villas.

 Our luxury properties have been carefully selected with the strict criteria of high quality services, convenient locations, comfort, and cleanliness.  

When you choose Divino France you are guaranteed to enjoy a personalized service. We will make sure to put you in direct contact with the owner of the property who will be committed to the organization of your stay.

Divino France's professional staff have a high level of expertise in the French market and will be delighted to provide you with their personal assistance in order to make your holiday a truly unforgettable experience



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